Five-Star Reviews

Here’s what one owner said about the watercolor
artwork in her Travel Legacy® Journal!

Five Star Reviews of Travel Legacy Reviews

“… a balm for the soul … I love it.”

o far, the feedback has been powerful and positive – and here are five of the first comments we’ve received from people who have seen these journals – and used them!

  • “My journal was given to me as a gift just before I left for Northern France. I’m a WWI history buff, and I was able to write about my visit to the Somme. My thoughts, when I read them now, are my personal tributes to fallen heroes. When I got home, I enjoyed the freedom of being able to move the pages in a way that told the story just the way I wanted to record and remember it.” ~ Ralph Billerbeck
  • “I’d booked, and was looking forward to my Alaskan cruise, but it wasn’t until my Travel Legacy Journal arrived that I got truly excited.  I couldn’t wait to fill the pages with memories of the glaciers and glory that made our trip so memorable.  When I returned, I was able to download all the photos on my CD and store it in the special pocket page.” ~ Lisa Johnson
  • “The original watercolor images make this journal something extra special.  In fact, they’ve inspired me to draw on-the-spot accounts of my recent visit to Thailand.  From the people to the colorful markets, this is one journey I will never forget.” ~ Lilly Emerson
  • “My husband calls me a ‘compulsive’ scrapbooker.  Our trip to London included seeing a ballet and a soccer game.  My husband and I saved the tickets to both.  We laugh each time we see them.  No marks for guessing who wanted to go to which event.” ~ Cheryl Slocum
  • “I got to see the famous rugs being made by hand in Kairouan, Tunisia.  One of the craftswomen gave me some beautiful gold and silver thread samples.  I put them in my journal, and each time I touch them, the magic comes back.  A fascinating experience, I can relive whenever I like.”
    ~ Joan Fernandez

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