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“Travel, art and journaling are in my genes.
From the time I was a child, each has been a passion …

Barbara Wirth, Travel Legacy Artist

… so creating a journal for other passionate
travelers is a natural next step.”

ven as a child, packing my suitcase was a thrill, and the sense of anticipation, almost overwhelming.  By the time I was 16, I’d seen almost all of America and Canada.

That Bedouin restlessness has been a major part of my adult life as well, and to date, there is not much of the world I haven’t seen.

I learned early that journaling the sights, sounds, scents, tastes and textures of my experiences meant that I could relive the delights time and time again.  I can remember sitting on the back seat of Dad’s ’51 Chevy station wagon, writing my impressions and gluing memorabilia as we drove to our next destination.

After 35 years working as an interior designer, I was inspired to resume my painting.  My watercolors focus on travel – you know, the little alleys, the city’s sophistication, the countryside and the cameo images that are so symbolic and emotive.  My watercolors were praised by experts and mentors alike, and I felt inspired.

Suddenly, I knew I wanted to create journals for people who share my love of travel, art and journaling.

From concept to creation …

My husband, Cary, and I have enjoyed the aesthetic-and-practical challenges.  Which of my original watercolors should we include?  What sort of paper should we feature?  Should we cater to the artist, the writer, or the traveler who enjoys saving theater tickets, menus, coasters, and other scrapbook memorabilia?

Well, you’ll be pleased to know we’ve accommodated everyone’s preferences.

The journals are available now – and they are unique.  They’re stunning and artistic.  They’re also practical, yet they encourage creativity.

Now you can relive each and every journey, simply by opening your Travel Legacy® Journal.  Your words, your sketches and mementos, are right there, waiting for a return visit from you.

May all your journeys be memories to savor!

Barbara Wirth of Travel Legacy
Live it.  Capture it.  Keep it forever.

Travel Legacy is us – my husband and me …

Barbara Wirth & Cary Wirth, Travel Legacy OwnersFor Cary and Barbara Wirth, travel is pure pleasure.
Together, they’ve created journals that keep each
experience a joy to remember forever!

and the quality, craftsmanship and ingenuity
that goes into each of our journals.”

The problem was frustrating.  We couldn’t find a travel journal that suited our needs.  There were “nice” ones.  There were “expensive” ones; even “unusual, arty ones,” but none was right for us.

“I like to draw what I see, and make notes” Barbara explains, “while Cary likes to photograph.  We both enjoy saving theatre tickets, pub coasters, stamps, and other items from our journeys.  After numerous, fruitless searches for “just the right one,” we decided to create our own journals, so we did.”

“Once we had every detail selected – from the quality paper to the specially selected, watercolor paintings I’ve done on recent trips to Europe – we realized we’d produced journals that other keen travelers would enjoy as well.  They’re beautiful.  Unique.  Artistic.  And versatile.”

“Now they’re ready to enhance others’ journeys of discovery,” Cary adds.  “Each journal makes a perfect travel companion.  With special features such as movable pages, you’re in charge of how and in what order you want to record your adventure.  We’ve also included places to store photos and photo CDs.”

Travel Legacy® Journals are not only beautiful, they’re also easy and fun to use.  Just add your own imagination, and your journal becomes a return ticket to visit and revisit each and every destination that colors your life.

They also make superb gifts for special people who like to savor the treasures and pleasures of traveling the world.

Live it.  Capture it.  Keep it forever.

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